Dyco Tool and Die was started in 1967 by Alan Dye and his brother, and father.  The business started as strictly a tool and die shop in a small three car garage on the family homestead.  In 1968, as the business grew, they moved to a 2500 square foot building in Alvordton, Ohio.  It didn't take long for this space to fill up, so in 1971 they bought land and built the first 5000 square foot building.  1971 is also the year the corporation was formed and Dyco Manufacturing Inc. was born.  Through the years they steadily grew the tool and die business, until someone finally asked the question, "You built the die but can you run it?".  This is when the business really took off.  It started with one press and one building.  After two expansions in the 80's and another finished in 1992, Dyco Manufacturing, Inc. grew into a 25,000 square foot facility.  The facility remained unchanged until the most recent expansion was completed in 2019.  This expansion brings Dyco to 33,000 square foot.

In 1997, Alan purchased the business in it's entirety.  He worked another seven years before retiring in 2004 when he handed the company over to a third generation to run.  In 2017, the business celebrated its 50th year in business.  Dyco already has the 4th generation working at the business and it is stronger than ever.

Through the years the business has changed but one thing that has never waivered is our commitment to quality and to our customers.


    Alan M. Dye   CEO / Owner

 Wesley M. Dye   President / Owner