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Equipment List:

400 Ton Niagra

300 Ton Bliss

300 Ton Minster

180 Ton Clearing 

150 Ton Niagara

150 Ton Havir

150 Ton Minster

75 Ton Minster (2)

60 Ton Danly    

60 Ton Diebel      

60 Ton Bliss  

32 Ton Federal  32 Ton Federal 

4 Ton Dennison Multipress

Dyco has 14 mechanical stamping presses that are all equiped with varying types of feed lines.  We can feed thickness up to .375" and lengths to 60".   Press beds up to 42" x 84".

While most of our die are progressive, we also have the capability of running compound and line dies as well.

Dyco does cut to length squared blanks as well as first operation blanks.